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General Building Work

If you're looking for a builder to carry out your general building work, structural alterations or renovations then we can help. As builders we have over 15 years experience in the construction industry, carrying out all aspects of general building work from small scale structural alterations and repairs through to complicated renovation work.
We are a one-stop shop as we cater for all aspects of building and maintenance of domestic or commercial premises.
We start work at nine a.m. so that the household can have their breakfast without having to compete for space with our workforce and by ending at six p.m. we can then report to the Client on our day’s progress.
Of course, nobody can make an omelette without breaking eggs and building work is certainly dusty work, but we always endeavor to minimise the disorder by separating the working area from other areas with dust barriers and by thoroughly cleaning up after ourselves at the end of the day.
We always work in close conjunction with the local authorities ‘Building Control’ from the early planning stages to ensure that all local and national building by-laws are adhered to and to ensure that all work carried is recorded and enabled to be included in the new Home Information Pack (HIP) applicable as from 1 June without which selling the house at a later stage would be almost impossible.

Our Services

Custom Home Construction

  • Is your family growing? Do you want a new home, but you don't want to move? The answer to your house situation dilemmas could be a brand new home addition, built to your specifications and needs.

Bathroom Remodels

  • That bathroom of yours is extremely outdated. It's ugly, it's passe; the tiles are cracked, the grout is breaking apart, and the enamel on the tub has been chipping off for years.

Kitchen Remodels

  • When remodeling your kitchen, the first step, and the most important, is choosing a kitchen designer you can trust. Whether you're looking for a sleek modern look, something more traditional and elegant, or anything in between,

Specialised in electric

  • Mr. Devender Thind certified electrician mainly domestic and commercial
    * electric wifi interconnecting system
    * CCTV complete operation system

Specialised in plumbing

  • Mr Devender Thind plumbing specialised domestic and commercial
    * boiler
    * underfloor heating
    * megafloor system